Seven Deadly Sins sculpture review

18 05 2011

I wanted to develop the blu-tack model that I made for Lust using a variety of materials both hard and soft, My original intentions were to create this sculpture out of papier-mâché, paint and fabrics such as fur and hair.
To create the body I first papier- mâchéd a mannequin that I obtained to form the basic shape, after this had dried I realised that the paper began to warp and therefore wasn’t a viable material, so I also used chicken wire to strengthen other parts of the body such as the arms and legs, to strengthen it further as well as getting it to hold its shape I used modroc over the entire structure. Once the modroc had set I was able to paint the structure with matt paint as I didn’t wish for a shiny surface.
once again I waited for it to dry before attaching the hair and fur using PVA glue.
Materials Used
Chicken Wire
Modrock Plaster of Paris
PVA Glue
1.5m² of short haired fur
White Matt paint


The blu-tack model that I created for Gluttony was a great success, and therefore I decided to work directly from the images of it, so I created the skeleton using chicken and then planned to modroc over it, however I felt that the scale was too large and decided to build a smaller scale version which then became the final product. To finish the sculpture I used a stone textured base spray paint.

Materials Used
Chicken wire
Texture spray paint


When it ame to making Greed I wanted to work with foamboard and work from a different perspective to the original design and blu-tack model. I began by drawing out the pieces to build the sculpture, measuring carefully to ensure the pieces would slide together. Afterwards I began to cut out the sections and fit them together, I then realised that the sculpture wouldn’t stand on its own due to the balance of weight, to counteract this I attached chains to the ground to hold it upright. This initially worked, howevr after returning to the studio a few weeks later I discovered that the neck piece had collapsed and broked under the weight of the head.

This meant that foamboard wasn’t an ideal material for this sculpture and so I needed a solution. In response I decided to switch to using wood, and use the foamboard pieces as templates. However wood came with problems as I no longer had the flexibility that foamboard offered me, so due care had to be taken when measuring.

I used thicker wood to make the neck piece this was because I realised it would need to be strong enough to hold the weight. I was able to use the chain I made out of foam board in the final project which saved time and money. Finally everything was sprayed in a stone textured spray piece by piece so no sections were missed.
Materials Used
Foam Board
Thick Chipboard
PVA glue
Wood filler
Textured spray paint


When starting to create the sculpture for Wrath I looked back on my previous design ideas. I decided that I wanted to create a sculpture that invoked the idea of Wrath as a creature that continuously came at you and couldn’t be stopped. I draw up a few different sketches and decided to make only the head of the sculpture so when displayed it looked as if the head was coming out of the wall.
To create this I had to do a lot of hunting to find the type of materials to use, as I wanted the sculpture to have a mane similar to a lion.
I created the structure of the head using chicken wire, and modrock. I gave the sculpture horns like a ram through shaping the chicken wire. Once the modrock had set I could begin to paint the face and attach the hair to make the final product.
I mange to source some fancy dress wigs to create the mane and attached it with staples and PVA glue.
Materials Used
Chicken wire
3 fancy dress wigs
White Matt paint




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